Watching For Things of Beauty

Juneau has a lot of things to do if you’re into walking uphill, which you should know I’m NOT. So forced to decide between something called “hiking” and riding on a boat, I signed up for whale watching.

It seemed like a good sign that my Star Wars loving kid was about to embark on a whale adventure on a boat called OB 1. Captain Colin met us at the marina and we were off!

We were able to stay warm and dry on the boat while Moon kept watch for marine life.

Good job, Moon!

The whale swam around us, diving and resurfacing for about 30 minutes. He also did very slow dives as if he knew we were taking photos. Which didn’t help since none of us could accurately master the dive-to-camera-lag ratio. This is the best shot I got. Only my deep spiritual gift of self-control kept me from throwing the camera in the deep blue sea!

Captain Colin called our attention to a buoy up ahead…

Sea Lions basking in the sun clouds. Not as exciting as seeing one eaten by a shark, but okay.

Moon loved riding the boat and only once did she complain of feeling nauseous. Considering she’d had two pieces of fried chicken, potato wedges and a bag of sour patch candy before we’d left the harbor, I think she did well.

It was one of my favorite days in Alaska. Captain Colin was an EXCELLENT captain. I base this on my thorough knowledge of boating, the fact that we didn’t capsize even once, and because he was super cute.

Mainly that last one.

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