Wall Shopping

My mom came to town today for a few hours so we decided to spend it bonding at estate sales. Thursdays don’t have a ton of sales, but we managed to find one near the airport that was selling everything in the house from wall to wall, then they were selling the walls! The house was going to be torn down after the sale so we were pretty sure we’d find SOMETHING.

I found a bookshelf/desk combo for Moon, while Mom picked up a few odds and ends. No walls, unfortunately, but enough stuff to fill the van.

We found another sale closer to home where I placed a silent bid on a piece of artwork that was so much more than they obviously expected that they chased me down and went ahead and sold it to me, AFTER talking me DOWN. And to make it worse, my offer was only $42.00 to start with.

I plan on making all my money back by letting people throw tomatoes at it for $5.00 a pop. Who’s foolish, NOW?

2 thoughts on “Wall Shopping

  1. I think you had some great finds now if I can only talk dad into letting me ride down again with him.

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