Walking and Talking with Team Tyre

The Team Tyre weekly, bipedal ambulation continues! Last week I walked FOUR times. In one week!!! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. And this week, we’ve already gone twice. Couple that with my decreased caloric intake and you get – ONE POUND GAINED.

It’s enough to make a lesser woman cuss.

One of the nice things about walking is the quality time with JD. Even though we both work from home, we rarely speak. What? He’s downstairs and I’m upstairs. If we need to communicate we¬† do it like normal people – through texting. But in the hour it takes us to walk our three miles, we go old school, and use our actual voices. The weather has been chilly, but we’ve managed to walk anyway. And even though there are a lot of people around, they tend to leave us alone.

I think they’re intimidated by how cool we are. We get that a lot.

2 thoughts on “Walking and Talking with Team Tyre

  1. With that look you are ready for anything. Summer with the glasses, Halloween or a UT football with the orange suit and Xmas with the coffee cup.

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