Vivien Leigh Might Have Been A Juicer

Hello, Kittens, it’s Day TWO of the Juice/Raw fest and things are going well. I woke up this morning feeling energized and not at all hungry, which I’m sure surprised JD considering the way I tore into a tomato last night. What can I say, I’m adaptable. My first juice of the day was a yummy concoction of Carrot, Apple and Pear.



It wasn’t so great that I didn’t drool a bit as I took my daughter through the Chick-fil-a drive thru, but it was good.

We were out and about because Moonpie is on Spring Break and I wanted her to have an exciting day doing something other than watching Clone Wars. Her father has warped her brain and we spent the entire drive playing an updated version of Grease Wars that now includes me pretending to be Danny, Sandy and Rizzo, PLUS Asajj Ventress whoever that is.

I FINALLY got out of the car and we went to something actually cool – the Gone With the Wind Museum. Best. Parent. Ever.

Moon had seen the movie over Thanksgiving and seemed to like it, so I thought it might be fun. Believe it or not, she wasn’t all that into it. But the truth is, all she’s been thinking about the last few days has been the whole Star Wars thing so I think she was surprised to find herself in a car and not a pod racer. The only time she seemed at all impressed was when we saw a dress Vivien Leigh actually wore in the film.


And that was only because we were astounded that an actual human could fit into it.

Although in a few months, I should be able to wear it. I am traveling with a friend this week and I brought my juicer along cause I’m just that serious. Or delusional. I’m the lady that thought taking her kid to a GWTW museum would be an exciting Spring Break activity, so you decide.


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