Vintage Fun

One of the fun things about visiting my parents, is that my mother has a house FULL of vintage clothing. Purses, jewelry, hats, gloves, suits, dresses, coats, etc. And if I were a size 0 and she would actually let me wear any of them, it would be a blast.

She has bins and bins of clothing. I pulled a real pea coat from underneath a pile.

She has armoire stuffed with dresses, many from the 20’s and 30’s.

Where else but my mother’s house could you find a cool, suede, 70’s jacket hanging over the bedpost?

This is a bin of hats. She probably has another ten hidden around the house. BINS, not hats.

Every closet is full of fun, vintage fashions. My mother has the collection because she holds fashion shows a few times throughout the year. It’s lots of fun, and women from all over my hometown and beyond, come to the shows to buy. But here’s the EXCITING news – she’s bringing the show to Georgia! That’s right, you too can buy these lovely fashion!

The show will be held Saturday, November 12th in Marietta, Georgia.

To get an idea of how it all works, you can check out her blog. Then let me know if you’re interested in coming and I’ll make sure you get all the pertinent information. Like how to make out the checks. Z-O-L-L-I-G-I-R-L is tricky to spell.

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