Some days provide lots of blogging material. This would not be one of them. No one dropped in unexpectedly, I didn’t play a exciting game of bridge, and nothing harrowing happened unless you count the ten minutes I frantically searched my house for the one pair of pants that still fit. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Moon got up and went to school without much fuss. We are always trying to get her to try new foods and last weekend I introduced her to Captain Crunch. Don’t judge me. Any morning we can get her fed and to school on time is a win. Once she was out the door, JD and I got dressed and hit the gym. I was determined that instead of my half mile walk – half mile run – repeat, I was going to run the mile ALL AT ONCE.

I’ve always been an optimist. Luckily, Planet Fitness is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE, so I slowed my roll at the half way mark and dared anyone to say anything. The bad news is that I didn’t burn as many calories. The good news is that I read several chapters of a new book. Nothing says I’m Serious about my Workout like walking in with a book tucked under your arm.

I came home, showered, tried and discarded a bunch of really tight pants, before finally finding a pair that I could button. If you’re wondering why I bothered getting dressed at all, you know me very well. My friend J had a meeting with a client and she wanted me to go with her. Cause I’m super smart. Also, the meeting was in Hell’s half acre and she didn’t want to drive by herself. I thought for SURE that we’d say something stupid and I’d have something to blog about, like the time we walked in to some chic, midtown ad agency and asked for the “potty”, or the time J told a whole conference room full of people about this hilarious animation I’d been working on of a fat lady riding a bike and how she pulls her shorts out of her crack. Yeah, they didn’t get it either. But this meeting was booorring. Not one butt-crack story.

I made it home, where JD made me a salad for dinner and my daughter made a funny joke by asking if she could have ANOTHER sleep-over this weekend. Then she asked me to help her with her math homework on multiplying mixed numbers using distributive properties and I got so frustrated I may have screamed, “I cried myself through 5th grade once, I’ve paid my dues!” and passed the whole thing off to JD.

Finally, I collapsed on the couch, took 4 Advil, and watched Happy Gilmore.

I wish I could tell you tomorrow would be better, but I have a feeling it will go about the same. Except instead of searching for my fat pants, I’ll be wearing my fat pajamas. In other words – riveting.

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