For weeks now, we’ve been planning a surprise visit to Disney for MoonPie and her cousin. We packed them each backpacks, called the teachers, got money from the grandparents (holla!) and concocted a lie to get them together on Friday morning. The girls were sitting in the backseat, school bags at their feet, ready for just another boring day at school.

Then we drove right past it.

The “Are we realllly???” comments continued for at least another five miles. Finally, I was invited to unbuckle and crawl in the backseat for a group hug.

Surprises must go a little better when there’s a bit of trust between the participants. You’d think JD and I were known for teasing or something.

More on the trip to follow. Kittens, you know I’m gonna milk this for at least a week!

4 thoughts on “UnBELIEVABLE

  1. Next time I want to be there for the surprise! And I’d ike to know why these children are so distrustful.What have you been doing to them??Would they have been this excited if you had said..we’re going to St Simons?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

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