We had an overnight visit from our friend, Sara. While we normally LIKE her, this time she had the audacity to introduce my daughter to facial masks. If that weren’t bad enough, she followed it up with a makeover!

I’m sorry, I’m not ready for this. Skincare products, pedicures, girlie accessories and large amounts of time spent on hair – really? I’m still enamored with the smell of Johnson Baby Lotion. Let’s just go back to that, okay? Sara? If you could come back and put the Genie back IN the bottle, I’d appreciate it. Or ELSE!

And by “or else”, I mean send money. ULTA is expensive.

4 thoughts on “Unacceptable

  1. You are just jealous that she didn’t give you the make over too. Moon Pie has to grow up sometime.

  2. Oh goodness… one afternoon of fun and what do you get?? A GROWN UP!!! lol 😛 Say goodbye to barbies… and hello to the pros of being a teen!!! JK JK!! But I will say… be glad she has approximately 10 years give or take a little before she’s out of the house 🙂 unless of course college is brought to her 😀

    p.s. Ulta is expensive… at least i provide it! what would you like for my next visit??

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