Two Weeks

The mid-term elections are in 14 days and I wanted to give you some voting advice – rock it old school.

Growing up, my mother refused to let me leave the house on election day. She claimed everyone was drinking. I remember watching the election returns on TV and thinking one thing –

This is soooo boring. Of COURSE they’re drinking.

I guess that was two things. Anyway, then I got old. Now I’m looking forward to casting my vote, letting my voice be heard, exercising my rights as an American citizen. And drinking.

I’m ready to celebrate like they used to when I was a kid. BE the people my mother warned me about. Lock up the kids – tell the teenagers to clear the streets – it’s ELECTION night!

Mom: People weren’t celebrating. They used to give people liquor to get their vote.

People will give you liquor to get you to VOTE? Even better!

Nathan Deal? Roy Barnes? Meet me at the polling place. First one there with vodka gets my vote.¬†Hey, I’ve based my voting on less. Anyone remember Ross Perot?

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