Two percent


The Moonpie had an eye exam today. Isn’t she cute? Do you think she gets tired of being photographed all of the time?


Do you think doctors and teachers and anyone else that comes in random contact with her get tired of being photographed all of the time? This particular doctor told us she has astigmatism in her left eye. “Happens all of the time,” he says. “Bring a hundred kids in here, and two of them will have it.”

Wow. How does he keep up?


So now we’re temporarily the parents of a pirate. She has to patch her good eye for a few weeks to build up the strength of the other one. We had ice-cream while we discussed it. Pirates love ice-cream.


And High School Musical glasses. It’s what all the fashionable pirates are wearing.


2 out of 100. We always knew she was special. Arrr!

4 thoughts on “Two percent

  1. Grayson and Caleb said they “like your new glasses.” And “you look cool!” Welcome to the ‘cool kids wear glasses club!!’ XOXO

  2. I had what was called “lazy eye” and had two surgeries. I also remember doing eye exercises and usually my glasses and later contacts would keep it in line. My eye would wander to the outside(toward my ear)instead of to the inside(toward my nose).

  3. The doctor said he’s had great success correcting the problem. We’re going back in 3 weeks to see how it’s going. I’ll update!

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