Travel Alert

I’m heading out of town this week – I’m flying to Florida for the day. That’s right, leaving in the morning and coming back that night. I have to say I feel pretty cool. If someone stumbled onto this blog and saw my posts about being in India last month, and now flying someplace for the DAY, they might be fooled into thinking I’m a jet-setting, mover/shaker! But then they’d find the post where I brag about getting tuna fish for .45 cents and the truth would come out. Bummer.

My friend, Boat-Selling John, is making me go to a meeting in Pensacola.  “You need to go to Florida and take some pictures. Don’t wear any of that India stuff, dig out one of your old suits.” Easy for him to say. My old suits have somehow shrunk. In the rear section.

Things are so bad that I actually went to the MALL to buy a suit and return it purchase a suit. For the day. After trying on three, and then looking at the price tags, I decided to rethink the situation. Which led me to these –

Spanx say they can shrink your booty a whole dress size. Unfortunately I need to be shrunk TWO whole sizes. Sigh. So now it’s back to the Mall.

By the way, JD is also traveling this week and as far as I know he’s made NO effort to purchase a slimming device. Men.

5 thoughts on “Travel Alert

  1. Wait…. You got tuna fish for .45 cents? That’s a pretty good deal. How did you pay for it? Did you cut the penny in half and tell them to keep the change, or write a check for 9/20th of a cent?

  2. I have some spandex from volleyball but I guarentee you they are as flattering as they appear…

  3. You know, you can wear the Spanx AND buy a size smaller on the new threads. I tend to think that way because I try to convince myself that I will get in shape and need the smaller size… eventually.

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