Tough Day

My mother posted on Facebook this morning that she was having surgery, and I was all “DUDE. You don’t post that on Facebook! That’s what Twitter is for.” Geesh. Anyway, after spending hours agonizing over whether she was okay or not, I finally called the house about 6 pm and no one answered. So I called my dad and he didn’t answer. So I called my SISTER and she didn’t answer. So I called my brother and HE didn’t answer. Then I did it all over again. And again. Until finally I figured that mom was dead and everyone was already on the mountain dividing up her stuff. I finally texted my brother, OMG, IS MOM DEAD? or something low key like that, and since he hadn’t heard that she was, I figured all was well. He’d be the first person they’d call to come get her good antiques.

My dad called later saying how his phone just never seems to ring when I call, blah, blah, blah, and that mom was resting but too tired to talk.  I wanted him to take a picture of her holding up today’s paper, but the Overton County News only prints twice a week. So I’m going to have to take his word for it.

Then I went to play bridge and Patty and I were having a GREAT game until this JERK sat down at our table and gave us three low boards. And did I mention that he was a JERK? We still managed to come in first sitting N/S, but not 1st overall. THANKS, hateful face loser-pants.

And my mother thought SHE was having a bad day.

(Love you MOM, hope you feel better. xoxo)

3 thoughts on “Tough Day

  1. HA! You two are not the favorites after all. I talked to Dad when Mom was still in surgery, then he called when she got out of surgery to say she was in recovery. THEN, I talked to HER at home around 4:00 and she assured me she was fine and would talk more today. Hate I missed your calls, I was in a meeting with the MAYOR!!! I tried to call you back but you didn’t answer. I guess you were to busy with your card game.

    Once again – HA! I’m the favorite:)

  2. I was on the couch all evening after I got home and was so drowsy that I didn’t feel like answering the phone. Once it was ringing and I couldn’t find it until James told me in my hand. I feel better today but still don’t feel like doing much or eating.

  3. Hahahahahhahaha – but glad M on the Mountain came through! Hoping you’ll be back to 100% soon MotM!

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