Totally Tyre

Team Tyre has been pretty good this school year about getting Moon to school on time. Most mornings we leave the house about 7:30, plenty of time to get her there by the 7:50 bell. THIS morning, I barely had time to wake up and look at the clock when she was OUT the door. 7:00 a.m? That’s right, it’s Chick-fil-a Chicken Biscuit Day! I did note that it was awfully early since drop-off doesn’t even begin until 7:15. They got all the way to the sidewalk, standing there salivating over the breakfast sandwiches, when JD remembered he wasn’t carrying any money. They had to LEAVE, go to the bank, and come back. I might have laughed when he told me.

I did NOT get a chicken biscuit because I am determined to lose weight. I started thinking about how much I wanted to get healthy so I could be fit and active as Moon gets older. OR my mom told me that Tania-the-Mad has lost 10 pounds and is SKINNY, whichever. Either way, that will not DO. I’m not eating again until I lose ten pounds or my sister gains back her weight. I’m thinking sending THIS ought to do it.

Since JD took Moon to school, I said I’d go get her. I had a few minutes so I ran to WalMart. Where everyone decided to walk really slow, chat loudly on their cell phones and get in my way on every aisle. I really wanted to tell a lady that WALKING and TALKING at the same time was doable if she’d just give it a shot. But I didn’t because I had a holy conviction that she’d kick my booty. Just ONCE I’d like to be Elaine Benes.

I finally got to the check-out, let them ring up all of my purchases, only to find out I’d left the house without any money or my debit card. Team Tyre is nothing if not consistent.

I didn’t find it quite as funny as I had this morning.

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