Thursday? Good Riddance!

I don’t know what you did yesterday, but unless it included trying on a bathing suit, consider yourself lucky. Nothing like putting your legs into a GRANNYFIED one-piece with built in Lycra and hearing it rip because you’ve exceeded it’s fat-holding capabilities.


I didn’t leave the house in search of a bathing suit, I was searching for Moon a dress, but while I was there I figured why not go for a little self torture.

After I found something that I thought MAYBE would work for my daughter to wear, I went in search of something for me. We have a graduation to go to next week and as much as I would LOVE to wear my jeans and Indian tunic, it might be a little too hot. The weather, not the outfit, as if that needs to be clarified.

So while I was shopping in age appropriate corners of Belk, I found myself shoulder to shoulder with a woman using a walker AND a cane. And she looked better in her clothes than I did. Which is why, when she DROPPED her cane, I just went on about my shopping, thank you very much Miss Strutting-My-Stuff-at-Eighty.

I didn’t find a dress but I did find another tunic from India for 10 bucks. Tunics cover my behind, need I say more?

Speaking of INDIA, while I was there, I borrowed a pair of linen pants from Andrea Auntie and they were so comfortable I immediately began to covet them. I mean, I began to pray for her and her expensive tastes. Today while I was walking through Target looking for Moon some shoes (Seriously, a dress AND shoes? Can you say “spoiled”?) I found some linen pants!

Kittens, you have to know that I will NEVER wear mine with a shirt tucked inside and a pair of dress shoes. I will wear mine with flip flops and a TUNIC. Way better.

Several more stops and I FINALLY found a dress that didn’t make me look like this –

Not from the front anyway. I didn’t look at the rear view. A girl can only take so much in one day.

One thought on “Thursday? Good Riddance!

  1. You know stories are getting mirrors that let you see your behind. You look good so start strutting around and stay out of those India blouses.

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