This Year Thus Far

So the family went to the Fox Theater on Tuesday for the opening performance of Mama Mia. We are CULTURED. Moon wasn’t sure how she felt about going, especially since she had to listen to JD and I sing Dancing Queen the entire drive. But I did catch her laughing a few times and if you know any 12 year olds, that is epic.

Moon is having quite the year. We’re doing a lot of fun things together – here’s a partial list:

  • Camping
  • 1st Concert
  • Riding Segways
  • Trip to Chicago
  • Visit to the High Museum
  • Fox Theater

We also have concert tickets to Miranda Lambert and a trip to Charleston, Nashville and Disney planned.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m REALLY trying to talk JD into buying us tickets to a UT football game. He’s dragging his feet saying we’re doing enough. I know the real reason. Once Moon experiences life as a UT fan, everything else will fail to compare. And by “everything”, I mean UGA, but you knew that already.


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