This Week is Trying To Kill Me

And I thought yesterday was bad. Sure I left the house at 9:15 a.m., ran all over town, raced to Moon’s school a COUPLE of times, took her to Paulding County then East Cobb, then home again, finally getting into the driveway around 10 p.m., but that was NOTHING, cause today we hit the wall. The homework wall.

Evidently there’s a bunch of classes and notebooks and assignments and how is one kid supposed to keep up with it all? There’s always at least one assignment that we’ve forgotten in the locker, lost in the agenda, or just plain neglected to do. We’re in the first full week and we’ve already had tears. Mine mostly, but still.

To top it all off, Moon got put into Health class which means she and I get to have some interesting talks in the next few weeks. The school sent home a form for me to sign saying whether she could or could not be in class during the week of Human Growth discussion. I was surprised to find out that the girls and boys would be in class together during the talks, then I looked at the vocabulary list and died. I can’t even. The good news is that we have the option of pulling Moon out that week, and she was fine with that. The bad news is that all of her friends are going to have a new, expanded vocabulary and I guess I’m going to have to bring up her up to speed on some things. Who’s going to bring ME up to speed?

So now I have to pick up the house even though it’s past my bedtime, get organized for tomorrow and set my alarm for EARLY so that Moon can get up and finish her math in time to get to FCA, and I can get to an estate sale for my mom.

6th grade, you’re beginning to look a lot like 5th grade to me. And that is not a good thing.

One thought on “This Week is Trying To Kill Me

  1. Things sure have changed way back when I found a book on the birds and bees for you sister. The book was a simple little book about animals. School
    was a happy time then with time at school to do homework.

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