This post is dedicated to…

Ashley S., the MoonPie’s newest friend.


Who was kind enough to take us out to her barn, where she introduced us to her horse, Coquina…


and introduced the MoonPie to Lacey (now her favorite horse), and..


rode with her for a very LONG time around and around the arena, and


caused expressions like this to happen over and over, AND…


sent her home with half chaps, shirts, gloves, and this GORGEOUS saddle. To keep. For FREE.

And as soon as  those readers, (you know WHO you are) give her the horse, the trailer, and the boarding money, they TOO will have a blog post dedicated solely to them.

I’ll prepare a few other posts just in case it takes a while for you all to get everything together.

3 thoughts on “This post is dedicated to…

  1. I had rather give her the saddle, chaps, and whatever else she got. They give horses away for free – that might tell you something about the other costs.

  2. Then I’ll get the horse. That just leaves the boarding and the trailer. Work it out amongst yourselves.

  3. You can use my trailer anytime you need it. It’s already at your place. Just lay the horse down and tie it down really good.

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