This is NOT going well.

Tania-the-Mad: I’m ready for the regular Lisa to come back. This India stuff is too much.

Me: What do you mean?

Tania-the-Mad: You’re like one of those crazy people at the airport!

* * * * *

M on the Mountain: I’ll be glad when you’re over this India stuff. You always do this.

Me: What?

M on the Mountain: Get all excited about stuff in the beginning. You were the same way about tennis and bridge. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Me: I’ve been playing tennis for 16 years and bridge about 9.

M on the Mountain: Oh, Lord.

In a totally unrelated note – does anyone know how to turn OFF the comment section on a blog?

8 thoughts on “This is NOT going well.

  1. Could India be a lifelong awakening? If so, then everyone will get used to it. Oh, there might be the occasional “that was the old Lisa” comment from time to time, but it’s all good. Maybe you will get the immediate Lewis clan to go to India. I hope that you all find great deals in a few hours. If you can’t have coffee before the excursion then can you have Chai tee?

  2. Ok, so this is totally a new Lisa anyways… they’ll see 🙂 I’m proud of you!! When I went to Romania, it felt like I came back with my heart 10 times fuller than it was before. It’s different from any and everyday stuff. The mission field is BIG! and GREAT! and you should be overwhelmed!! It’s like I’ve been praying since I got home, don’t let that spark in me for Romania and mission work die. I want to keep it lit up for God!! I’m just waitin for Him to call me back or show me the next steps for whatever He has planned!

  3. Oh Girl!!! Can’t be more proud of you!! I pray you and Sara NEVER EVER lose that spark that God put in you!!! Where there is Love for His Creation….. may we all be so Blessed to go and share The Good News and to meet other brothers and sisters in Christ!!! And that Chai Tea….. Mmmmm Buddy……would love a cup Right Now!! You Brewing??? lol Love you so Much!!!!!

  4. What was wrong with my old Lisa Diane people? I loved that fun, sweet girl very very much.

  5. There is nothing wrong with being good, kind, and loving God. Trying to help those less fortunate is an admirable trait. Actions don’t necessarily have to be shouted about. There are plenty of people who need help without having to go to a foreign land. Come to Appalachia and you will find plenty to mission to; the Lord does not only bless those abroad. And if you only focus on India look at all the others you will be ignoring. Love you Sybil……

  6. Is India the new Oregon?

    Dibs on any guns and ammo left behind when you move the family to Bangladesh.

    TTM said she’d take the dogs.

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