Things that make you go z-z-z-z

The family left on Saturday afternoon and I immediately hit the sheets. Shopping probably doesn’t sound all that tiring but these ladies get up at the crack of dawn and don’t stop until someone is snoring on the couch. Sunday, we went to church, then had a nice Mother’s Day lunch at my favorite, La Parilla, then home again to…sleep. It is an exciting life I lead.

In between all of the yawing, a few things of note happened.

1. I found poison ivy on my arm, behind my knee and on my big toe. Because I have done NO yard work this year, I can only surmise it’s the dog’s fault. I’ve tried to tell them to look for three, pointy leaves but they refuse to listen.

2. We bought a riding lawn mower. Our last one died last year and since then, JD has been mowing with a push mower. Our yard has weeds, no landscaping, and three thousand pine cones, but it is large. Occasionally we let it grow a little longer than we should, prompting our 80+ neighbor to mow it for us. Saturday, I found an older model at a yard sale, but it had been ridden less than 10 times because the owner, uh, died. It looked brand new! It also came with a little wagon to pull around in case someone wanted to pick up those pine cones.

3. The mower wouldn’t run. It would start, but it wouldn’t run. Because it was like new (see above), JD suspected it had just been idle too long. So he did something to the carburetor, replaced the spark plug, blah, blah, BLAH and after two days, still no luck. Then he called my dad. Fifteen minutes later he mowed our yard.

4. I started reading The Help. Yes, I’m the last person in American to read the book, but I’m half way through and loving it. It’s making me REALLY angry at racists. It’s making me wish I had help. It’s making me want to see the movie.

5. I had a conversation with a home-school mom who told me that her daughter, who is NINE, has decided her goal for the summer is to learn all of the bones of the body so that it will help her one day be a massage therapist where she can work her way through college to reach her ULTIMATE goal of being a pediatrician. I told HER that I had just finished the four-hour work week and that I was pretty sure Moon could outperform me one day and get it down to two.

I bet pediatricians don’t get to nap all weekend. Winning!

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