Things My Sister Did

Did y’all know Tania-the-Mad had surgery yesterday? It was nothing serious but instead of being down for a day, she’ll probably be out of it for a week. Which means she probably won’t have time to read this blog, so let’s talk about her!

I read that one of her faves, Tom Laughlin died today. He was the writer/star of Billy Jack and all I remember of that movie was that my sister MADE me watch it and it made me cry. She introduced me to a LOT of things that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Like the plot of movies and tv shows that wouldn’t allow me to sleep by myself for years. She would sit on the end of her bed and tell me about Carrie and her crazy mother and the bloody prom, and how the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie ended and how you weren’t sure if the killer was actually dead, and HELTER SKELTER. Is it any reason I used to sleep in the hall outside my parent’s bedroom?

And it wasn’t just scary movies. She introduced me to songs about terrible tragedies that made me afraid to ride in a car –

Tell Laura I Love Her

Or date someone in the military –

Billy Don’t Be a Hero

I learned about boys by reading letters I found in her room, and that you get the best tan by using iodine and baby oil by watching her and her goofy friends at the lake, and that if you’re ever fighting loudly with your sister and you’re under the bed and she tells you to stay there, you should stay there because your dad has heard ENOUGH and he is no longer in the mood for your tomfoolery. All very important information to have.

Get well, Sister.

We’re with you in spirit!

2 thoughts on “Things My Sister Did

  1. Oooh Manda, I’m super excited for you & just know your book will be anamizg!!! Looking forward to reading it, sharing it with others & telling everyone I know about this incredible new author I love the location #3, found #5 interesting, & I think #10 grabbed my attention the most. I also laughed at the favorite sister’s name, good one. Love you bunches & am eagerly awaiting your release & the party that follows the sales goal;)

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