The Weekend Recap

It’s good to be home. Not that I didn’t love my time in Birmingham, but there’s only so much Hampton Inn a girl can stand. They didn’t even have a BAR. I’m not sure who planned the event, but it seems like a pretty big thing to overlook for a Writers’ Conference venue.

I left early on Friday and drove as fast as I could go in order to make it to a 9 a.m. workshop. I spent the next 7 hours listening to a discussion on plot, character, and dialogue. Then our leader read excerpts from books that showed good examples of those three things, and I read my own stuff to see examples of bad.

Friday night I met up with some writing friends and we went to dinner. I’d spent the previous week eating nothing but lettuce and tomatoes and the occasional chick pea, so I was more than ready for Bonefish. One of the people in our party mentioned she didn’t eat fish, and I was all like, “Really? That’s too bad. Could you scoot over, I need more room for my appetizers.”

Saturday, I went back to the conference where there was not one, but TWO editors from New York who had rejected my novel over the past year. I sat through their classes and I’m sorry to say that I didn’t quite feel that they were what I was looking for. “Yes, I’d like a speaker evaluation form, thank you. Can I have fifteen?” Saturday evening, I raced back home because it was my 17 year anniversary and I didn’t feel like JD should sit alone on the couch looking at his Ipad, when he could sit beside me on the couch while he looked at his Ipad.

And finally, Sunday. We made it to church and this time, Moon was able to make it through the entire service without blowing her nose. Afterward, I met my tennis partner and we played a VERY important match against a team that was tied with us for first place and we totally won in two sets because we’re awesome. Also, Jesus. We were both praying the whole time and I kept telling Him that while I knew He loved all four of us, He didn’t hear THEM asking for help, did He?

It was a fun, but tiring weekend. I was going to go into work tomorrow, but luckily I found out it’s a holiday. I wouldn’t want to besmirch the memory of Columbus with something as crass as labor. Heck, I like Columbus so much, I might even honor him with two days!

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Recap

  1. Well unfortunately for me, my job must not be a Columbus fan. It’s off to work I go. Glad you had a good weekend, if I ever get to read your book, I’ll let you know how your plot, blah, blah, blah went.

  2. Sister you need to talk to your boss so you can get the holidays off. Maybe I I can get on your diet when I come down for I am off mine.

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