The Truth

People tell you always to just “be yourself”, but it’s a lie. What you should do, is find someone cool and be like THEM. That’s my new motto – Be Someone Else – Someone Better. I’m still working on the tagline, but you get the idea. I’m starting NOW and getting a head start on the New Year’s Resolution craze. I just have to figure out WHO I should be. I have some good candidates and I’ll be putting together a list. So far it says this –

1. They don’t play bridge.

This has nothing to do with the fact that my name is not on the winner’s trophy this year. I’m just looking for a more age-appropriate hobby. Like Shuffle Board or Bingo. Or eating at Piccadilly. Anything that doesn’t involve cards.

This message brought to you by Sore Losers Anonymous.

3 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. I’m sure if you joined a Banana Grams tournament you’d win!!!!! LOL And I think it’s great you want to be like Jesus!!! 😉 and I know Palin is your very next choice!!! LOL

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