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I’ve had a full day. FYI, don’t confuse “full” with interesting. JD had a job this morning  and left the house at 4:30 AM! I woke up briefly when he left, but managed to go to sleep again. Alas, only for an hour and by 5:30 I was wide awake. I hadn’t read my bible in awhile so I got that out, but it didn’t help, I was still wide awake. 🙂

I finally got up and showered and took Moon to school, then it was off to work, shop, blah, blah, blah until I finally walked through the door at 4:30. Because it was BRIDGE CAMP, Moon’s bff came over and we played a few rounds, but our time was cut short because JD was taunting Moon. “A card played, is a card LAID!” When she started to get upset, (she WAS getting set, after all) he started mocking her! This from the man who doesn’t want to play bridge because everyone is so grumpy. Luckily, I had a plan B.

Over the weekend, I went to yard sale and scored a basketball goal. On Saturday, I ran to Walmart and got a basketball, and feeling in a sporting mood, also grabbed softballs, a bat, 2 gloves and some golf balls. Bridge camp will be turning into Summer Camp soon and I don’t want a bunch of bored kids lounging on my couch. That’s MY spot, amiright?

So after bridge, I showed Moon and SlimJim a few moves, made a few baskets, you know, BALLER stuff. The girls had a riot! Mainly laughing at me, but still. We also threw softballs around, and JD showed the girls how to hold a golf club. It was all VERY fun. With bridge, all of the new sporting equipment, and the corn-hole game we bought a few weeks ago, the girls should be entertained all summer. And by “summer”, I mean I hope we make it through Memorial Day.

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  1. Everyone is invited to Lisa’s house for the summer camp it will last all summer and be lots of fun. Free food and snacks for everyone. JD and Moon will direct the fun.

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