The spy in our backyard

_mg_2752This is Tate, the resident of our pool house. If you’ve never been here, think of any Hollywood movie you’ve ever seen that featured an infinity pool and a luxury cabana that overlooks it. Then think polar opposite of that and add kudzu.

Tate is a Worship Pastor. There is a Worship PASTOR in my backyard. Let that sink in for a minute. A few years ago, I would have been totally freaked out about that. Not anymore. I took this picture while sporting JD’s baggy T-shirt, no makeup, coffee breath and Budweiser boxer shorts. Kinda explains the look on his face, huh? I think Tate will refer to this time of his life as, “God’s Great Test.”

To make matters even better – Tate has a blog. In a transparent effort to get more hits, he’s started his blog with a post about Rachel. You can read it here.

A PASTOR in my backyard with a blog. What could go wrong?

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