The post where I give advice.

I admit that there’s not a lot to learn from this blog, but can I please give you a piece of advice this Christmas? Please, do not, under ANY circumstances, participate in a Dirty Santa. Dirty Santas’, where you can open a new gift or TAKE someone else’s, are from the devil. The only person happy is the one who STEALS the one decent gift, breaks the hearts of their family and friends, and basically RUINS Christmas for everyone.

I might know a little something about this. You see, there was this party. And my MOTHER decided it would be funny to wrap up a gift that she knew I had been looking for-  FOR YEARS. See, she was going to give it to me, but that would have been too SIMPLE. No, she and my SISTER, thought it would be funny to tell everyone else to STEAL it, and pretend that they were not going to give it to me.

I might have cried a little. It had been a very tough year.

The POINT is, my family is evil. Can I come to your house for Christmas?

7 thoughts on “The post where I give advice.

  1. You have to come for Christmas we have you another nice gift for dirty santa. They were talking at church today how they enjoyed dirty santa.

  2. I agree with Zolligirl. I hate the dirty Santa “game”. It is just another way to be Grinchy at the holidays. We don’t need more Grinch. We already have Brian.

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