The Moon Rides


Moon is preparing for her very first horse show. It’s a little bit of a sore subject since it’s falls on the same date as my mother’s annual, vintage fashion show. 13 years and the first one I’m going to miss. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that instead of my usual role of MC, I’d been regulated to bagging merchandise. I’m totally over it. Silly, old bags. I’m speaking of the purses, of course.


Back to the Moon and her show. She’s got new clothes, and she’s been practicing her little heart out. I’m really excited for her. I’m a great mom. There’s no way I’m going to TELL her she’s in the show, then suddenly say NO, instead giving her the menial task of cleaning stalls or brushing down the horses. That would be cruel.


But if I DID, you’d know where I learned it.

4 thoughts on “The Moon Rides

  1. You are such a cry baby; I hope Moon doesn’t learn that from you. Tania the Sweet will be there helping as usual. She is bringing sweet Bertha and Sandy.

  2. Too late! I’ve been taken for granted way too long. AND the library doesn’t allow liquor, so there will be no champagne punch.

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