The Jig is Up

I think JD and I have done a good job of sheltering our daughter, of  keeping her from the “world”.  And by “world” I mean people that clean their houses on a regular basis, get showered and dressed before noon, and have seen Star Wars less than a hundred times.  It’s a minor miracle, but she still thinks we’re normal. But for the next few months we’re introducing a new component into the mix – a twenty-something, oh-so-over-it, Generation Y, texting manic named Ashleigh.


Ashleigh is fun, Ashleigh is cool, Ashleigh is 6 feet tall and carrying her mother’s credit cards. Ashleigh knows things. Like that scrunchies went out years ago, and that bridge is not something most people under 80 play. SHE may sleep still noon and never clean her room, but I’m pretty sure she thinks mom’s should. Darn you, Sister with your regular job and your Talbots clothing.

Oh well. If it means we can have date night once a month, then I’ll throw out the scrunchies. And I’ll pretend the tote with cards all over it is for poker. Poker is cool, right?

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