The Education of Miss Moon

Today was the first day of school for kids in Cobb County and I am happy to report that we were not a part of it.  Yay for homeschooling! While other kids were running around trying to figure out which locker to use and who to bully, WE were experiencing a little real-world learnin’.

First, JD and I took Moon along for our spa visit. She got to sit in the lobby while JD and I got hour long massages. Lesson: Good Things Come to Those Who Work. 

Afterward, we felt like having something yummy for lunch so we forced Moon to go to a local French restaurant. Moon had  Jambon Beurre Fromage and JD had La Tartine de salade de thon. Mine was the BEST though. I had the  Tourte au pouletor and it was to die for. The two of them kept fighting over who got the next bite of MY food. Lesson: Learn French and Make Better Menu Choices.

Lunch was such a success, we convinced Moon to try another new thing – macaroons. She loved it so much she refused to try ours because she didn’t want to have to share hers! Lesson: When It Comes to Macaroons, Order Double

Homeschooling is going to be a blast!

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