The Day After Tomorrow

Somewhere between 4 and 10 people will be coming to stay at my house.

This is my spare bedroom. I only have 1.

This is the spare bathroom. I’m thinking with between 4 and 10 women, we’re going to need it.

You might think I’m stressing, but you’d be wrong. If we don’t get the work finished, someone will just have to sleep in a tent outside. And by “someone”, I totally mean Tania-the-Mad. But I’m sure we’ll get the work done. JD and I are going to get right on it right after we finish watching Dancing-with-the-Stars, The Biggest Loser, Revenge, Project Runway, Chuck and everything on Netflix.

2 thoughts on “The Day After Tomorrow

  1. I am bringing Sandy and her daughter Catherine. That means three from Virginia so get to work sister, you don’t want to get me MAD….

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