The Coupon Cartel

I love to start all my posts about my mother. She is the only person that I know for sure even reads this blog. I like to imagine her getting her morning cup of coffee, turning on the computer, and then kicking herself for ever teaching me to write.  I think my mom is cool, which is good, because I’m turning into her. See, while it may SEEM like I’ve become a member of the Coupon Cartel overnight, I actually have memories of my mother, surrounded by bags of cast off garbage, searching through them to cut off  labels for rebates. OCCASSIONALY, while at college, I’d get the random rebate check for 1.49 or .72 cents. I say occasionally, because she only sent them to me when desperate, since I always KEPT the money. Like I was going to send it to HER? I was in college!


Here are my deals for today. My favorites are the Johnson and Johnson Little Buddies soap for FREE and the Advil PM for 29 cents. Anything with PM in the title has to be good.  If you live near a Publix, go HERE to get your Advil coupon for $2 dollars off. Then when at Publix, get one of their coupon books from the front. It has a $3 coupon in it. It was 5.29 for a 20 count box.  The Little Buddies coupon HERE was for $1.00 off and they sell them at WalMart and Target for 97 cents!  (You may need to download the coupon printer first. Do it. It’s easy.)

So… Mom, do you still have that picture? You know the one, you’re sitting outside surrounded by bags and bags of trash. I think you’ve got your hair pulled up in a samurai ponytail on top of your head. Could you send it to me please? Please? No reason, just feeling nostalgic. Thanks.

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