The Beginning

It’s an appropriate start to the Zolli blog, that said Zolligirl’s dad just rolled into town with a truck full of goodies to make her life easier. The state of Zolli is good, it says, “Look at my dad, husband, and brother putting in those new gas logs. Ahhhh, men. Pretty good going there God.”  The men in my life are not specially-gifted spiritual leaders, or captains of industry, they’re just good men doing the decent thing. I believe they are what God intended men to be – strong leaders compassionate disciplinarians, protective and good guys.  I wanted to end this post with a great quote about the merits of men, but after sifting through hundreds, all of which made fun of them, I’ll just say Thank You, God! Life is so much more because of men.

3 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Zolligirl is so brilliant! What a wonderful blog! I love reading every single post, especially the one’s about your precious daughter and crazy husband! You are so awesome words cannot describe your awesomeness! Did I mention amazingness? To anyone out there, read this blog! It is great!


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