That’s a Wrap

I had planned on doing nothing Friday, not even showering, but my mom gave me a gift certificate to the nail salon, so I thought “Why not?” Because Cousin Karen had also gifted MP with one, I took her along. I’m nice like that. MP went with the neon purple, while I got the traditional Valentine’s Day red.

I had also planned on staying home Friday night, but when I picked up MP from school, she BEGGED me to take her to the school dance. The school EIGHTIES dance. Since we had beautiful nails, I thought “Why not?”

MP couldn’t believe it when I told her what we used to wear. She’d never even HEARD of Flashdance. So sad.

Once there, she asked for a cool, shredded t-shirt and since you can never have too much EIGHTIES clothing, I said, “Why not?”

MP wanted me to dress up too and I thought, “Why not?” Then I put on my sequined blazer with shoulder pads and gave myself Farrah Fawcett hair. Oh, that’s WHY not.┬áTurns out dance parties today are just like they were in the EIGHTIES. I looked like an idiot and no one asked me to dance. So sad.

But then I went home and put on my leg warmers and danced like a maniac.

Why not?

4 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap

  1. I am laughing my big you-know-what off right now! Only those who have had the pleasure of hearing you pronounce (and teach tiny Indian children to say/write) “feel” as “fill” will even understand…

    Anyone who knows anything about the 80s, knows that in “Flashdance,” JB was a “STEEL town girl!” NOT, as the caption on the clip YOU selected says “STILL town girl!”


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