Team Tyre Alert! Man down, Mayday Mayday!

If I thought the drive TO my in-laws was fun, the ride back was even more awesome. And by awesome, I mean HORRIBLE. We had stopped in Savannah to see JD’s sister and family, and as we were leaving, the MoonPie projectile vomited across three rooms. ¬†For five hours, I sat in the back of the van, ¬†holding her hair out of her face with one hand and a Walmart bag in the other. She was pitiful. She IS pitiful. I’ve heard this is a 24 hour bug that’s going around, so hopefully it will be gone soon.

Since eating dinner on the road was not an option, I was starving when I got home and promptly consumed my weight in chips and salsa. What are the chances I’m going to regret that decision sometime over the next few hours?

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