Sympathy – Family Style

I mentioned that I kept baby Allison the other day because she was “sick”. I didn’t really notice much in the way of symptoms other than red eyes and a runny nose, but hey, what do I know? Anyway, we had lots of fun then I sent her on her merry way home. And I feel FINE.

Then my brother called. He’s not feeling so good. Uh, he’s not LOOKING so good.

Wow. When faced with a sick sibling, I did what I’ve always been taught – lined him up for a nice photo. Thanks, Mom! He went to the “doctor” and was diagnosed with infection/fever/blahblah whatever. It looks like a typical case of Stonerism to me. Either way, there is GOOD news.

I am still feeling FINE.

*Please pray he gets better or I’m really going to feel bad about this post.

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