A friend called the other day and asked for a gift recommendation. She was looking for something for her young nieces. I suggested this book – The Princess and The Kiss, by Jennie Bishop.


It’s a lovely story of how when the Princess is born, God gives her a special gift. Her parents, the King and Queen warn her to be wise and save it for the man she’ll marry. Lots of suitors come to ask for her hand in marriage, but she doesn’t find them worthy. One day she meets a wonderful, handsome farmer who has also saved HIS special gift for her. On their wedding day, they exchange their gifts – their first kiss. Awwww. Rachel and I have enjoyed reading it, and you can order an accompanying coloring book too.

Sigh. If only MY mother had bought me this book, it could have all been so different. Maybe THEN I wouldn’t have kissed Lloyd Greenwood. On the bus. In third grade. For a dollar.

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