My mom called today and fussed on me for blogging “negatively” about work. Evidently I’m not allowed to disparage meetings. The fact that my mom thinks what I said is negative shows that she’s not been in the workplace recently.

Speaking of negative work places, mine was a real pain today. I was so busy I was LITERALLY sweating in front of my computer. Primarily because the heater knob was lost about 8 years ago and you have to use needle nose pliers to turn it on and off. The tiny piece of metal that you have to hold onto with said pliers has whittled away to nothing, hence the sweat. It took me awhile to get it figured out and before it was over I actually had to come out of my robe. It was that hot!

While I was in the office, Moon was hanging in the house. I came in to fix lunch and reminded her that if anyone ever came to the door, she should just run to the office and get me.

Moon: Why would anyone ever break in here?

Me: They might think the house is empty.

Moon: But we have so many cars.

Me: Then they might think we’re rich and break in to force us to give them money.

Moon: Once they got in, wouldn’t they realize their mistake?

Perhaps my mother could call and tell MOON not to speak so negatively about our house.

2 thoughts on “Sweatshop

  1. I think your daddy taught you how to stage your house so no one would think there was anything to steal. All the cars makes everyone think someone is there you just need two or three trucks so they will think men are around.
    It is up to you and JD to pass this on to Moon.

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