Super Easy Cookies

The Girl Scout troop that MP is involved with decided to have a Cookie Exchange. Don’t they get ENOUGH cookies? Because I’m reluctant to do anything difficult, I searched for a super easy recipe. Luckily – I found one!

Here’s what you do –

1. Get a roll of Pillsbury peanut butter cookie dough.

2. Cut it into thick slices, about 1.25 inches.

3. Quarter the slices and put each piece into a mini muffin tin.

4. Cook approximately 7 minutes until slightly brown.

5. Take out of the oven and stuff each one with a miniature Reese’s cup.

Take my advice OR – go the The Pioneer Woman and read it for yourself.

They aren’t ┬ásuper sophisticated ┬ábut YUMOLA! Moron Test Grade A!

2 thoughts on “Super Easy Cookies

  1. Omg, I think that I was not born for cooking, as yes, I have cooked this cookies, but the kitchen is almost destroyed((
    By the way, thank you for such a good recipe)

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