Summer, You Are Welcome Here

Moon’s bun? A success, of course.

Was there ever any doubt? This has to be the easiest hair product I’ve ever used and I base that on the fact that I could actually use it to get the desired result. All those years with a curling iron to get the perfect bangs never worked, but I am a PRO with the sock bun doughnut thingy.

My daughter was beautiful. If they had been giving awards for “Best Looking”, and let’s face it – they SHOULD, she would have won twice. We were THIS close from getting an attendance award, but Moon was sick one day. ONE day. In addition to being sticklers about being there every day, you also had to have less than 4 tardies. Which. We. Did. That’s right, last year we had SEVENTEEN, this year, four. I kept expecting the Most Improved Mother Award but the Nazi’s that run her school limited the awards to the kids.

I was sad for about 8 seconds, then all I could think was how happy I was that this stupid year was OVER. No more girl drama. No more CRCT. No more “extended response” math answers. If Moon ever uses the ER in real life I will smack her. No one cares WHY their change is .23 cents, just hand over the money.

Maybe it’s just me. A couple of weeks ago, JD and I were in a “seminar” and afterward, one of the participants told me that I was a “challenger”. I asked JD if he considered me a “challenger” and he said “yes”. So I gave him my own version of the “extended response”.

It’s been a long year for everybody.

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