Stormy Weather

One of the rules for building a blog audience is to post frequently. Obviously, I am going to be a big success. But what could I do? Yesterday afternoon, I took Moon to the barn for a horseback riding lesson. As we were preparing to leave for home, a kid came running up yelling, “There’s a tornado warning in the area!” Yikes. I called my brother to get a more accurate weather update in case I needed to come over and hide in his basement. He assured me that I’d be fine, just keep driving, what are the chances I’d actually get hit by a tornado? Or a tree? 70%? Don’t be a baby, you’ll make it.

Moon and I drove home, me clutching the the steering wheel with white knuckles, while Moon stared at the phone in case Uncle Ellery called and told us to turn around. Uh huh, like THAT would happen. The scariest part was when I drove through a deep puddle, just as a couple of other cars came toward me. The muddy water splashed onto my windshield and I drove blind for what seemed like FOREVER. Then everything was fine. So much for career as a suspense writer.

Anyway, we made it back home but I couldn’t blog because the power went out! Not here, but I just felt bad having electricity while others were suffering. So Moon and I crawled in the bed and started reading a new book. By candlelight for all you know.

As I may have mentioned, Moon is not a big reader. She likes books if YOU read them, but on her own, not so much. I’ve tried to encourage her by getting her really good books and insisting she read for a little bit each day. I say “encourage”, others say “force”, whatever. So every day she’d read a chapter as fast as she could so she could then move on to other things. Not really what I was going for. So I decided that we’d read TOGETHER. I’d read a few pages, then she would. So that’s why we got out of bed today at 2:15 pm., STARVING, and with sore throats and carpel tunnel from hitting the next button on my NOOK. But the good news is we finished a book, and if laying in bed reading doesn’t bond a pair, I don’t know what does, amiright Kittens?

So now I’m looking for something good for us to read together again. And by “read”, I mean I’m going to find an audio version. Moon is right – reading is much easier when someone else does it.

4 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. “For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.”
    -Christina Rossetti

  2. I was at the horse barn. I had to drive through the storm, and pass brother’s house, to get to my own. It’s a miracle I survived.

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