Storage Wars

Storage Wars is my new obsession. If you haven’t seen it, A&E follows a group of four people as they bid on the contents of storage units. When customers stop paying the rental fee, the contents are auctioned off. The units are opened, but you can’t actually go into them, or open any boxes, so you gotta bid blind.

Last week, some dude paid $850 bucks for a unit that looked pretty bare. Then he pulled back a tarp and found a BMW! Yeah, a BMW Isetta. Now granted, it was beat up, but worth about $3000.00 dollars. The next show, he bought a unit for $250.00 and it had a miniature piano worth Twelve THOUSAND dollars.

One guy, DAVE, has a ton of money and either A) outbids everybody or B) runs up the price just to be a jerk. I don’t like him. I REALLY don’t like him. I want to rob a bank just so I can find DAVE and outbid him on a unit. I want to follow him around, buying every unit, then setting them on fire! He needs to LOSE and surely, one day he will!

It occurs to me that I live a very full and exciting life.

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