Stimulating Day

This morning started in a mad rush as JD came running into the bedroom yelling, “It’s 7:30! We’ve got to GO, GO, GO!” I dressed the MoonPie while she was still asleep in two minutes flat, sent her to the bathroom to brush her teeth, handed her a bag of muffins and pushed her out the door. School starts promptly at 7:50. Normally we’d just take our tardy slip and call it a day, but the school was doing CogAT testing and anyone arriving after 7:50 would be LOCKED OUT of the room. Nothing like beginning your day in a mad panic. Who needs coffee?

Later, I went to meet my prayer ladies at church, ran an errand, and headed back home to work. Except that I sat in traffic at THREE different intersections watching road crews spend our stimulus dollars. Until the STIMULUS, I had no idea that EVERY single road upon which I traveled needed extensive work done.

What do I know? Exect that you shouldn’t drink a large diet Coke before driving anywhere in Cobb County.

You’re welcome.

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