SpongeBritt Soaky Pants

Our friend Katherine invited us to join her at the Georgia Aquarium today. It was her husband’s birthday and she had purchased him a great gift – a dive in the big tank!

Britt swam with whale sharks, stingrays, tiger sharks, other kinds of sharks, big fish, smelt, catfish and Nemo. I might have zoned out a bit during the information portion of the tour. But, the most exciting thing he had the privilege of swimming with was MANTAMY!

Our friend Amy and her husband Greg volunteer at the aquarium. This is her trying to kiss me. Or the MoonPie. Or maybe her husband who was standing next to us. I couldn’t really tell since the glass is about three feet thick. She was giving us all kinds of hand signals which I interpreted to mean, “Groupers are smelly”, “The soda’s are cheaper in the break room,” and “If I don’t get out in time, vote for Big Mike”. I might have zoned out during my class on hand signals.

While Britt and Amy swam, Greg gave us a guided, BEHIND-the-scenes tour.

Katherine and the MoonPie trying to catch jellyfish.

Me and MP touching anomenies. Anomony’s. Anomenomies. Sea Urchin.

The touching pools are fun, but confusing. I spent two minutes carefully touching a gurgling sponge-like animal until the volunteer explained that was the filtration system!

Hello? Couldn’t you label these things? I’m not a marine biologist you know!

Greg was a great Tour Guide. He not only showed us the TOP of the big tank, the wave machine at the TOP of Tropical Diver, and the TOP of the beluga tank, but he also escorted us to the restrooms. Three times.

I am REALLY glad he’s going with me to India.

4 thoughts on “SpongeBritt Soaky Pants

  1. No, no, no – you must have zoned out. I was trying to signal that our healthcare premiums are going down by 3000%…

    And, I was warning you not to touch the filtration system in the anemone touch pool…

    And, please, don’t touch anything that gurgles in India…

    And, your pictures are incredible!


  2. I can’t believe she put her lips on that glass. She’s gonna end up with Gill Rot for sure.

  3. Don’t worry AG, I’m safe. They say once you’ve had it once, you can never get it again.

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