Speaking of Bridge..

Carolyn and I played DUPLICATE or CONTRACT bridge this weekend, but normally we just play for fun. There’s a HUGE difference which I won’t attempt to explain. You’re welcome.

You know me, you’ve met Carolyn, so here are the other members of our AWESOME crew.

Positive Patty – the Mentor.

Strengths – Finds something positive to say about everything. “You raised me with only 1 trump? Well, that’s 1 they don’t have.”

Weaknesses: Way too NICE to opponents. Complimenting someone on their outfit is not very intimidating.

Mother – the Matriarch.

Strengths – Has been playing bridge for almost 90 years. She’s been there, trumped that.

Weaknesses – Has trouble seeing. Which means she can only set you THREE tricks instead of four.

Vicki – the Newbie.

Strengths – Learns quickly.

Weaknesses – She’s learning from US.

Oh well. Bad bridge is better than no bridge at all.

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