Sour Biscuits

I was in the worst mood yesterday. It was so bad that at one point I went looking for a song on You Tube to serve as the soundtrack of my day, and I finally settled on Eminem’s last three rap battles from the movie Eight Mile. Eminem – the voice of  pudgy white women living in the suburbs!

I’m not sure why I was so ill. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I’d been in my hometown on Saturday and it reminded me that I am not young. I know people say that the best years are ahead, but all I could see ahead of me yesterday was arthritis, a teenager about to start driving and dating, and moustache waxing. Blech.

I finally snapped out of it when Moon and her BFF sat down with me for Monday night bridge camp. JD was our 4th and in what I’m sure is a totally unrelated coincidence, his mood declined. Oh well, at least one of us was happy.

Today I was a little better despite the fact that I tried to make biscuits AGAIN. For those of you keeping count, that makes 3 times. I took pictures but everything went exactly the same as the last two times except now the dogs just get up in the morning and run straight to the stove. I did find out that it’s not the lard and/or the buttermilk making my biscuits sour – this time I used butter and whole milk and got the same result. At least I’m consistent.

My bridge partner, Positive Patty, says after Christmas she’ll give me a live tutorial. Who thinks she’ll need a new nickname once we’re finished?

But the day wasn’t a total loss. JD managed to find a dead rat that had been under the floor for the past week so, awesome!

My life soundtrack is going to include a lot of Blues.

3 thoughts on “Sour Biscuits

  1. Everyone is invited to a biscuit bake off on Friday after Christmas. There will be a prize for the worst that way we will all have a chance.

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