Something, Something, Justified

This weekend was full of fun, I’m almost positive, but I can’t seem to remember much of it. Yes, I did go to some friends house for great wine and great steak, two things that managed to make an impression in the fog that is a Justified binge, but other than that I have no clue.

Let’s see if I can work backwards from Saturday night and remember. Oh yeah, I did have my nails done. That’s not particularly exciting but since I’m typing with my hands and can see my fingers, I thought I’d mention it. Before that I cleaned my house and wrote a synopsis for what I hope will be book TWO. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot but when you intersperse it with hours of Boyd Crowder and Raylan Givens it makes a day.

Friday night I worked in the office because there was nothing on TV and people pay me, but mostly that first one. Before that, I went to lunch with a friend, and before THAT, well I could make up something but really I just watched more Justified.

I only have 2 more seasons to get through before I’m caught up, so soon I’ll be ready for something new.  Like all of my OTHER shows to come back on from winter hiatus.

I’m not a real ambitious person, but you knew that already.

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