Snowed In/Out – Day 2

I woke up this morning, and like every other morning, went straight for Facebook. Except this time I didn’t feel guilty because I was looking for updates. A friend of mine was on the interstate for 12 hours yesterday, finally finding her way to a fire station to spend the night. Awesome! If you’re going to be stranded, you might as well spend your time with firemen, amiright Kittens?

Before the snow storm hit, I’d planned on attending a conference downtown for investment bankers and money people investor types working for companies with names like AIF and FCD and IDK. I was attending because I have great interest in things like Limited Partner Fundraising, Managing Post-M&A Integrations and the Credit Market. Also, Charles Krauthammer was scheduled to speak. Once the weather rolled in, I assumed it would be cancelled and that the people inviting me to come would bail. I was wrong on both accounts. Which is why I found myself in a 4-wheel drive heading INTO the great wasteland that was the 41/75 interchange. Except for the hundreds of abandoned cars on the side of the road, it was an easy drive. For us, anyway. Apparently Charles didn’t get the message and was a no-show.

The good news is that since I was out and in a 4-wheel drive, I was able to stop at the store for more essentials. I came home with wine for me, chocolate milk for Moon and beef jerky for JD.

So, totally worth the risk of icy roads and death.

While I was out doing my best to provide for the family, Moon was laying in bed watching television and JD was sitting in his pj’s by the fire, also known as the usual. I slept fitfully last night worrying about friends on the road, but tonight I think I’ll be fine. I’ve got lots of Managing Post-M&A Integrations literature that should put me right out.

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