The snow finally came to Atlanta and dumped almost six inches on us. I was feeling pretty smug about having a freezer full of food until I realized that I was in pain and had four Advil to my name. Why was I in pain? Let’s just say I’ve not been exactly EASY to get along with the last few days. JD wanted to get out anyway, (hmmm, I wonder why) so he walked over to Walmart, bringing back Advil, EggBeaters and a dozen doughnuts. I was feeling smug about how easily we had restocked our cabinets, when I realized I was out of wine! Feeling smug is probably not a good idea for me. It rarely lasts.

MoonP and I dressed and went outside to participate in a little sledding. I caught it on video, but posting it to this blog would entail me getting up off the couch and that’s just too darn much to ask. Hey, this is not the Pioneer Woman blog. Besides, she has four kids to pawn jobs on. I’ve got one child who still asks me to brush her teeth. Which I totally do NOT. Although I’ve been known to put the toothpaste on the brush for her.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Tuesday is another snow day. We may make snow cream – we may not. It depends on whether WalMart has any milk left when JD walks over there. What? He’s got to pickup the wine anyway!

One thought on “Snowday!

  1. You are lucky having a Wal-mart across the street, we have to slide down the hill a mile just to get the highway. It seems like we can do without just about anything rather than brave the hill. See you next spring.

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