Snores and Roars

After six days of no school and late nights, Moon had a little trouble going to be sleep last night. Every twenty minutes, she’d be back in the living room complaining that NOTHING she did worked. Finally, I gave up and went to sleep with her for no other reason than at least I could get some sleep. It was, after all, midnight! She tossed and turned and kicked and ground her teeth so that neither one of us got any real rest.

I’ve never actually gone into a cave during winter and poked a bear, saying “Hey, get up! It’s time for school!” but I have a pretty good idea of what it would be like. Man, the kid is NOT a morning person.

After I got her off to school, (God bless those teachers), I didn’t have time to go back to bed. Nope, I had ads to do, and web posts to write and coupons to print – stop me if this is all too exciting for you. I actually had to shower and go out into public. I made a stop at my volunteer job, then my real job, followed by the Staples, the library, post-office, Kroger and Publix. Yes, I will drive to two different grocery stores if one has .75 cents off juice and the other has pears at .99/lb verses 1.29/lb. What are we, the Rockefellers?

I am working hard this week to get everything done because I’m going to a writers’ conference on Friday. It’s important that Moon and JD have a plan for fun, and plenty of food in the refrigerator. I want them to have a great weekend while I’m out of town. It’s my 17th wedding anniversary, so they ought to at least have deli ham if they want it, amiright? What’s an anniversary party without ham?

Speaking of food, the only thing I’m NOT looking forward to is eating in Birmingham. I’ve been on a 99% juice or raw food diet since Saturday and my critique group made reservations at Bonefish for Friday night. Bonefish – home of Bang Bang Shrimp! I just ate a handful of chickpeas and an olive for dinner. I’m planning on taking some food, but this ain’t my first rodeo. I’ll either go off my diet and eat everything in sight, or stick to my plan and deny myself a delicious meal. Either way, I’m going to be grumpy.

I wonder if my roommate has ever gone into a cave in winter and poked a bear.

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  1. I bet JD and Rachel are planning on a big weekend you know what they say the mice will play when the cat is away.

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