Slow Women Unite!

Meet my friend, Jeanette.


Jeanette and I decided about this time last year to train and do the Acworth Women’s Triathlon. We decided to do this one for a variety of reasons – to get in shape, it’s a mini, meaning you only swim 400 yards, bike 12 miles, and run 3.2 miles total, it’s close, just down the street, and it’s women only – no aggressive men knocking us down in a rush for the first buoy. Since¬† it takes place in August, we had plenty of time to train, and Jeanette actually lost over THIRTY pounds during the process.

We made two crucial mistakes. Jeanette decided NOT to buy a new bike, opting to use her mountain bike with fat tires which had the traction of a hampster’s wheel, turning and turning without actually getting anywhere. And I wore a trisuit. A very thin, very TIGHT suit in which I swam, rode, and ran. You know those tight spandex shorts that show every dimple – image that coupled with a cold swim in Lake Allatoona followed by a chilly,¬† 12 mile bike ride. My pictures had to be heavily photoshopped to be shown. Still, I have to say we looked great.


This is our ride out of the transition area. Jeanette was all business but I worked the crowd.


A couple of young fans cheering us on.

Competing while the men and children cheer you on is one of the best part’s of the day. Jeanette’s husband bet me 25 bucks that we’d never do it. If we didn’t – I’d pay him the cash. If we did, he’d carry a sign that I got to write.


Here we are at the finish line. It says, My wife rocks and her friend, Lisa too! I said they’d never do it but I was WRONG! What he didn’t realize is that we could have TOTALLY won the race, but we took our sweet time to ensure that every single person saw him.

571 women finished the race. Jeanette and I came in 568 and 569th place. I’m not kidding. ALMOST, but not quite dead last. I’m thinking of looking up who came in as 570 and 571 and paying their entry fee for this year’s race. But the thing is, I don’t even care. We DID it. The latest census says there are 9791 females in Cobb County, which means a whole bunch of women chose NOT to even participate. So I’m encouraging all my women friends to join us and enter this year. It was a lot of fun, and if I can do it, anyone can. I find no shame in dog pedaling, floating, coasting, or walking my way to the finish line so you’ll always have someone beside you. You’ve got plenty of time to train, it’s a great incentive to get in shape, and unless you’ve got a serious medical condition, like leg, you’re almost guaranteed to beat us.

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