Skank you, very much.

JD: Your passport came in.

Me: Oh, good.

JD: Your picture is TERRIBLE. What were you thinking?

Me: Hmmm. I guess I was thinking,  “I REALLY wish my husband had listened to me when I told him SEVERAL times that I didn’t think the picture he gave me would work, instead of telling me to just go ahead, resulting in me having a skanky photo taken in the post office which will live with me for TEN YEARS.”

JD: OhhKaaaay.  So, want to go out to eat?

One thought on “Skank you, very much.

  1. For your future passports needs: In most post offices they are required to take your pic. If you went to county courthouse in Marietta however, they would’ve used the pics JD took. 🙂

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